Tuesday, August 15, 2006

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They both shook and shimmied together, almost letting their nipples brush each other as they danced. Maree looked over at her husband. He was obviously still enjoying her new found courage so she grinned at him and did a sexy grind with her hips. Vince groaned and grinned and this encouraged her more. She hooked her thumbs inside the waistband of her slacks and slowly pushed them down. Encouraging hoots and whistles from all the men filled the room as she slid her pants lower down her hips. Even Paula cheered her on as she slowly stripped.

He thought for a minute then said, "Well, let's at least do it this way every other time!"

"Mmmmm," he breathed his heavy Dad breath into my mouth, "Baby."

"Are you crazy Angela? What the hell do you think you are doing? Raping people in your sleep?"

*** *** *** ***

The small child that he had saved came forward from the group and looked at Mike with awe in her eyes. She did the last thing Mike would have expected her to do. She ran towards Mike away from the group of slaves. Some tried to grab her, but she yanked herself free and made to Mike without complication. She lunged at Mike and grabbed him in a fierce hug, which he returned. He smile at the antics of the child and picked her up an walked towards the slaves. She held on around his neck as she buried her face in the crook of his neck. One of the slaves, a middle aged man with a sour expression on his face, walked towards Mike. He looked at the girl with disdain, before he spoke.

“Don’t hurt me,” she said softly, her voice small and vulnerable.

"How long are you visiting Sydney for? " he asked me, in an Australian accent.

Faye loudly replied, "NO!" and proceeded to kick him sharply in the ankle.

Thankfully, the thing had wheels and I was able to pull it along. How I was going to lift it into hatch on the Vibe was a question, but we got it in.

"Should we tell him now, or later guys?" James said.

Conrad must have observed Vaughn straining because he suddenly came out with, "What are you trying to do to the poor girl, Vaughn? Give her lockjaw? She's going to taste your cum sooner or later, whether it's now or an hour from now. So you may as well do her a favor and let go. And when you cum, Vaughn, I want you all the way back in her throat. Hold her right to you."

He pulled her suddenly from the tub and placed her over his lap face down. Oh my god, he is naked, when had he removed his clothes? She could feel his dick, not yet hard against her stomach and he was huge, he was huge and he was soft. He was thick and long, what was he going to do to her? She was still wet from the bath and he took this time to spank her again. Each time he spanked her twice on one cheek then on the other. She wished she could cry out. She wished he would stop. She could feel the heat rising from her ass and he stopped. Then he spread the cheeks of her ass and pushed against her tight little ass hole.

The other aspect of being perched up on my elbows was that as he walked towards me Uncle David had a good, clear view of my firm breasts, and he made no attempt to hide the fact that he was looking straight at them. In fact he gave me a brief grin and a nod, as if to say "Nice!", and I felt that thrill of pleasure run through me again.

“I wish to hold you, Jeremy. Lie on your side.”

Barb was not quite as comfortable as Liz in talking about her own sex life, but she had to admit that the idea did fascinate her. She cautiously said, "Well, I'll admit I'll think about it."

"That's exactly what I wanted to tell you. I saw," Laura interrupted, making Sylvia's jaw become slack and her eyes look like they would pop out of her head.

"Prepared you for what?" Riley asked softly as Will unbuttoned Riley's denim shirt, letting it hang open, exposing Riley's well muscled stomach.

"Baby, I will fuck you however and whenever you want me to." He promised.